Spring in St.Petersburg

A rare sunny day in St.Petersburg
Photo credit: http://www.isic.fi/en/benefits/st-petersburg/

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Moscow Winter

I love these pictures of old Moscow that I just stumbled on. Wonderful post!

vintage everyday

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Russian Dark Rye Bread Recipe


I love Russian dark rye bread, especially Borodinsky bread, but it’s hard to find in Arizona. So, after many trials and errors (probably more errors than trials), I came up with a recipe that’s very easy and tastes very much like Russian rye bread. I have a Breadman breadmaker that requires liquid ingredients first, then the solid ones. The order is important, so if you have a breadmaker, make sure to follow instructions for the order of ingredients. If you don’t have a breadmaker, then I have no idea what to do…

So, here’s the recipe:

Put 3 tablespoons of dry malt powder in a cup, add 100 ml of hot water, mix it well, let it cool a bit, then put it in the breadmaker.

I use Diastatic Barley Malt powder from Hoosier Hill Farm that I buy on amazon.com

Add in order:

200 ml of very warm/almost hot water

2 tablespoons of sunflower/vegetable oil

2.5 tablespoons of molasses

2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

1 teaspoon of salt

1/2 tablespoon of sugar

1 teaspoon of coriander powder

2 teaspoons of coriander seeds (you can use ground coriander, too. I use one teaspoon of ground coriander and another teaspoon of whole seeds, mashed slightly)

1 teaspoon of caraway seeds

2 cups of rye flour

1 cup of white flour

2 teaspoons of dry yeast

I use whole wheat setting, and the whole process takes 3.5 hours, then I let the bread cool in the breadmaker so it’s not as squishy. That’s it!

The taste is very similar to Russian Borodinsky bread, but the process is much simplified, kind of like real champagne vs. sparkling wine.

If you try making it, let me know how it turns out!

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Fairy tales?

The new semester is starting, and I want to have a segment on fairy tales in one of my classes. What are your favorite fairy tales? I’d love to get some suggestions so I’m not basing the choice just on my preferences. Thank you!

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Amazing photos!

Built in the mid-1800’s, St. Isaac’s Cathedral is the fourth largest Cathedral in the world and its main dome stands 333 ft. high and is plated in pure gold! An interesting fact: the Cathedral sits on 10,000 tree trunks that were sunk into the ground. With a church of this size, it’s impossible to convey […]

via St. Isaac’s Cathedral and Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia — Fabulous 50’s

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Moscow in Winter

Holiday celebrations in Moscow last through January, with lots of street decorations.

(photo credit Igor Sobolev https://500px.com/sobolev_igor)moscow-in-winter

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“Struggling to Survive: A story of love, crime, and deception in the new Russia (Anya Series Book 2)” by Julia Gousseva


B00X1YKOB2-original“Struggling to Survive: A story of love, crime, and deception in the new Russia (Anya Series Book 2)” by Julia Gousseva is the long awaited sequel to Anya’s Story. Now a single mother and widow in the ever changing new Russia Anya meets her old friend Katia, who helps her make a living on the edge of legality. People are struggling to survive, as the title so rightfully says. The picture of life in Moscow with its supply issues, market forces, economics and criminals is very well depicted and made me realise how much I take for granted in my own life and how little I knew about living in a corrupt environment.
A great story that is eye opening on a cultural and sociological scale but also a very good story when it comes to Anya and her life story and her love life. Her ex-boyfriend Victor reappears in…

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Author Wednesday – Julia Gousseva

P.C. Zick

typewriterWelcome to Author Wednesday. Today I welcome Julia Gousseva, the author of two books set in Russia during the years when it was known as the Soviet Union or the USSR. Moscow Dreams and Anya’s Story are both historical fiction set more than twenty years ago in a land often misunderstood and shrouded in mystery to the Western world.



Welcome, Julia. It’s such a pleasure to have you visit today. I’m curious about your transition from Russia to the United States. You are Russian, born and raised in Moscow. Now, you live in Arizona. How, when, and why did you come to Arizona?

I came to Arizona in 1993. At the time, Russia was going through major political, social, and cultural changes. One of the changes was that many Western companies set up offices in Moscow and were hiring people with a good knowledge of the English language. As…

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Book Reviews ~ Anya’s Story

A Woman's Voice

Julia Gousseva
Anya’s Story by Author Julia Gousseva

Talented Author Julia Gousseva has done it again! She has penned another captivating novel for both the young and older reading audience. It is chockfull of a combination of Russian history and romance which is bound to capture the interest of the most discerning readers who enjoy this genre.

Best friends, Anya and Katia are finishing up their last year of high school in Moscow and are enjoying their time together before their new life commences as college students. Anya’s boyfriend Victor, is off to navy military school in Leningrad to fulfill his dream of working on a submarine. As he embarks on this career choice, Anya already misses him as his arduous training will occupy him for five years. The first two years are the most vigorous and they will not be able to fulfill their dream of marrying and spending the rest…

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“Moscow Dreams” by Julia Gousseva

I am so thrilled that Christoph Fischer interviewed me on his blog. Thank you!!!



Today’s blog post on CHRISTOPHFISCHERBOOKS.COM introduces Julia Gousseva and her extraordinary book

Spotlight on Julia Gousseva: “Moscow Dreams” @http://www.christophfischerbooks.com/julia-gousseva-moscow-dreams/


“Moscow Dreams” by Julia Gousseva is one of the most captivating and engaging books I have read in some time.
The teenage heroine, Marina, is preparing for her future education with a view to Linguistic and English language when the 1991 political developments in the Soviet Union bring uncertain and volatile times for her and her peers.
In the struggle for Democracy Gorbachev is being kidnapped, McDonalds opens a restaurant in Moscow, Yeltsin announces the end of the Soviet Union and the end of the Communist Party.
Reading about it as it is being told from the perspective of a teenage girl I feel that I understood the dynamics of the times only now properly for the first time. Marina and her friends experience the changes together but every…

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