Flying over Moscow

All my research into fairy tales and witches over the last few days made me think of a chapter in “Master and Margarita” by Mikhail Bulgakov where Margarita flies over Moscow at night. Here’s a fun clip of what she might have seen (especially if she flew today, not in 1930’s): Aerial view of Moscow


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7 thoughts on “Flying over Moscow

  1. Wonderful. Thank you.

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  2. Did you like the mini-series though?

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    • I haven’t seen them :(. Did you? Did you like them?

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      • They are available on youtube. As total crazy Bulgakov fans, my husband and I watched them the moment they came out. We’d give it 9 out of ten. In our opinion, artistic expression specific to a different medium was somewhat sacrificed to the accuracy of following the text, word for word and image for image. The only exception was the Satan’s Ball that left me a bit disappointed, but I am far from objective about it – I admit it freely! Basilashvili is a great actor; I cannot imagine a better Voland.

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      • Thanks! I found it and look forward to watching it soon! Basilashvili is great, I agree. Can’t wait to see him as Voland!

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      • You are more than welcome. Enjoy!

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