How do you know you’re Russian?

This is so true!! Even after living in the US for twenty years, I still sometimes slip up and start believing these things. Just in case, you know 🙂

From Russia With Love

Easy. You know you’re Russian when… (blogger’s note: you may stumble upon a couple of superstitions here and there…)

You drink vodka for breakfast.

If mosquitoes bite you, it’s because you’re sweet.
Your head hurts and you assume the weather is changing.
You have hiccups then it means someone is thinking about you.
You never wish someone “Happy Birthday” before the actual date.
Someone is talking and you sneeze, it means they’re saying the truth.
It’s a tragedy if you’re 25 and single.
Plombir is the best ice cream.

You are impressed at how epic Russian ads are.
You celebrate Christmas on January 7th.
If a bird defecates on you or your property (commonly cars), it’s good luck, and may bring you money!

Grandma can’t pronounce your non-Russian boyfriend’s name, so she gives him a Russian one.
If you put your clothes on backwards, you will be punched.
You were…

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