Firebird: A Modern Twist on an Old Russian Folktale


Growing up, I loved Russian fairy-tales, but when I tried reading them to my son, in Arizona, he wasn’t impressed. The stories felt foreign and dated to both of us. But I still loved the characters and the magic of these fairy-tales, so I decided to write a series aimed at American kids.


The Firebird is the first book in the series, and it is FREE TODAY.


Click here to download your FREE copy. 


Ten-year-old Alex and his nine-year-old sister Katie discover a portal that leads them into the magical world of the Firebird. That world quickly becomes dangerous. The kids search for the way back, but instead find Baba Yaga, the Russian witch. “We got a little lost,” Alex says to Baba Yaga. “And now you may get a little eaten!” she responds. Can Alex and Katie get back to their aunt’s house? Or will they become Baba Yaga’s latest victims?


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2 thoughts on “Firebird: A Modern Twist on an Old Russian Folktale

  1. I clicked on the link but Amazon wanted to charge for it, so unfortunately I won’t be able to at the moment. But would love a copy. Thanks for the post.


    • If you’re on Facebook, please friend me and I’ll let you know when I run the next free promotion. It’s easier for me to keep track of whom I need to send links to on Facebook vs. here.

      Amazon gives me only a few free days each 90 days period, so I try to make the best of them. I’ll have another book free this coming Sunday, also based on Russian fairy tales.


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