Russian Jokes about Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden

Did you know that 97% of Russians are comedians? And that’s a conservative estimate. Ok, I just made up that number, but what’s true is that in Russia, all occasions seem to create jokes. So, I can’t resist sharing these three that a friend sent me from Moscow.  Russian jokes tend to be self-deprecating, as seen below.

Joke #3: The worst punishment the United States can inflict on Edward Snowden is to let him stay a Russian citizen forever.

Joke #2: Edward Snowden was seen standing at an intersection by the Kremlin holding a piece of cardboard with the words, “Will sell CIA secrets for food” scribbled on it.

Joke #1: Lyudmila Putina, the ex-wife of Russian President Vladimir Putin, is getting married to Ed Snowden. He decided to take his wife’s last name. So now, the US is asking for extradition of Mr. Putin.






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3 thoughts on “Russian Jokes about Edward Snowden

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