Vinegret: A Russian Beet and Vegetable Salad


In nineteenth century, a famous French chef Marie-Antoine Careme was employed by the Russian czar Alexander I. One day, he was observing the work of Russian cooks who were making a salad that he was not familiar with. Noticing that the cooks were using a vinegar-based dressing, Careme pointed to it and asked in French, “Vinaigre?”

The Russian cooks who did not know French, thought that the famous chef was referring to the name of the salad and started nodding and repeating, “Vinegret, vinegret.”

Thus, a new dish was born in the czar’s kitchen. Later, the dish was adopted by the common people. There are many different variations on this salad, but I will post just one recipe that is considered a classic Russian vinegret.


Hard-boiled eggs

Cooked vegetables (to preserve the taste, boil first, then peel): beets, carrots. potatoes



Onion (white, red, or scallions)

How much of each? Start with about equal amounts, then experiment to see what combination you like best.


Vinegar and vegetable oil (in equal parts), salt, and black pepper

Dice everything, mix with dressing, and enjoy!


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4 thoughts on “Vinegret: A Russian Beet and Vegetable Salad

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  3. Lovely vinaigrette recipe, a totally different from mine, and a different story – fascinating!


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