Russian Vodka: Legendary in More Ways than You Think


Just a tidbit of Russian trivia to follow-up on the Hotel Moskva I posted earlier.

See the building on the label? That’s Hotel Moskva. Legend has it that Joseph Stalin, the tyrannical head of the Soviet Union, approved this design himself. The architect, Alexey Shchusev, prepared the final design and placed the two options on the same page for comparison. Stalin signed off on the design in the middle of the page. None of the architects dared asked Stalin which design he approved. Thus, the hotel was built as is, with the two different sides.

The word “Stolichnaya” means “capital” (adjective).

The original hotel was built in 1933-1935. In 2004, it was demolished and is now under construction. But don’t worry, Stolichnaya vodka and its label are safe: the new hotel will follow the original design.


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