Avocado: A Russian Story

Deutsch: Matjes, frisch aus dem Fass, Hamburg

When avocados first appeared in Russian stores, most people had no idea what to do with this exotic and weird… fruit? or vegetable? Nobody had a clue. But lack of knowledge did not stop people from experimenting. Avocados were boiled, fried, baked and put into soups. Well, you can imagine the results (or maybe  you shouldn’t!).  Avocados were interesting, but tasted too bland and too fatty (for a vegetable) to a typical Russian palate.


So, somebody came up with the following radical recipe:




1 avocado

3-4 hard-boiled eggs

1 medium yellow onion

6-8 slices of pickled herring




Chop everything and mix. The key here is what kind of herring you get — pickled is the best one. Don’t get any kind of herring that tastes sweet (no herring in wine sauce, etc.). Try it if you dare!

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3 thoughts on “Avocado: A Russian Story

  1. Life is Short. Eat Hard!

    What a great story. Thanks for sharing!


  2. what a delightful story. avocado is not an exotic fruit here in Philippines. I considered it fruit since we don’t usually mix our dishes/cooking with avocado. We eat avocado as a fruit. Put it in blender then mix with condensed milk and crushed ice..really good for desert. We also grow avocado in our backyard and it is blooming flowers as of the moment. 🙂


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