Leshi and the Pike: Adventure Two (free Kindle book)

 I’ve always had a passion for Russian fairy-tales and wanted to update them for today’s kids, especially for kids who are not living in Russia. I’ve written a few books for kids inspired by Russian fairy-tales and I’m able to offer Kindle versions FREE once in a while.

My book Leshi and the Pike: Adventure Two will be FREE tomorrow. Just click on the link, download and enjoy!!! And if you like it, please LIKE it on amazon.com (or even leave a comment — that would be SUPER!!). I would really appreciate it!!

Here’s the link:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/1477639942).

And here’s the description of the book:

Ten-year-old Alex and his nine-year-old sister Katie have just returned from their first adventure into the land of Russian fairy-tales where they met Baba Yaga, the Russian witch, and got a magical feather from the Firebird. Now, Alex wants to know what Aunt Karina’s old book says about the real ending to the Firebird story. “You and Katie created the real ending. The stories and legends are alive and always changing. And you can change their outcomes,” Aunt Karina says. Excited, Katie finds another story to change. A young man named Emelya is imprisoned by an evil tsar. Alex and Katie rush to the rescue. When they stop by a log cabin to ask for directions, a creature in a sheepskin’s coat with green furry hands opens the door. His emerald eyes shine a bright green light right at Alex and Katie. Is he a friend or an enemy? Will Alex and Katie find Emelya? Will they return safely to Aunt Karina’s house? This is the second adventure Alex and Katie embark on as they read Aunt Karina’s book of Russian fairy-tales. The first book is “Firebird: Adventure One.”

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