Beets and Mushroom Salad

English: A bundle of organic beets from a loca...

English: A bundle of organic beets from a local farm food co-op program. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is my first post in defense of beets. When I mention beets, most of my American friends seem to recoil in horror.

Why??? Beets are not that bad. Not bad at all. Actually, they can be quite delicious. Granted, I grew up with beets.


Well, not literally, but I ate a lot of beets, like everyone else in Russia.


Beets, carrots, potatoes, and cabbage were available and cheap, so they made their way into many recipes.

Here’s one:


2 medium beets

1 medium onion

1 pound of mushrooms

2 eggs

Dill, cilantro, or parsley — or some combination of these greens



Butter for sauteing


1. Boil eggs and beets until eggs are hard-boiled and beets feel soft when you stick a fork in them. Peel beets AFTER cooking. Peel the eggs after cooking, too, but you know that :). Slice/cut beets and eggs into small bite-size pieces. Small is good for this salad because smaller pieces will allow for flavors to mix more.

2. Saute’ sliced mushrooms and sliced onion in some butter until onions are golden and translucent.

3. Toss everything together with chopped greens, mayonnaise and salt.

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4 thoughts on “Beets and Mushroom Salad

  1. No beets for the FatJoe…please…


  2. Okay, okay. You can be spared this time… But I have another beet recipe in mind, so beware!!!


  3. This American LOVES beets! I grew up with them–pickled, creamed, etc. Bring on the recipes!


  4. Perfect!!! I’ll post another one in the next couple of days. It’s red beet soup, otherwise known as borsht or borsh. Russians and Ukrainians always seem to be debating whose recipe it is. So, if you like it, it’s Russian. If not, we’ll say it’s Ukrainian :).


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