All Things Russian: A Journey through Stories, Culture, and Food

I was born and raised in Russia when it was still a part of the Soviet Union, or USSR. For a long time, Russia was hidden behind the Iron Curtain and had a mysterious image of the Evil Empire to many Westerners.

But Russia was a mystery not just to outsiders, but to its own people as well. One of my college history professors used to refer to Russia as a country with unpredictable past. Why? Because every time a new leader came to power, all state-issued history books were changed and rewritten. And all history books were state-issued.

A lot of my non-Russian friends always ask me about Russia, so I started this blog to share what I know, what I like (and sometimes what I don’t like!), and what intrigues me.

I write fiction about Russia. All my books are on my website. Take a look if you’re curious:

And I love to connect with people, so please feel free to comment. I’ll try to answer as soon as I can, usually within the same day.

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Back to the USSR

Remember your old elementary school class pictures? I bet not many of them featured Lenin. Mine does (no, the guy in the top left corner is not our school principal). It all looks so quaint, I had to share it! Thanks for indulging!


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A mystery set in Russia

My mystery novel “In the Crosshairs” is featured on the FKBooks blog today for only 99c. Please take a look at the blog post. Perhaps, you find my book interesting enough to read :). Here’s the link:“In the Crosshairs” on FKBooks blog


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Russian sunset

Sunset in historic Suzdal, a town famous for its early Russian architecture.
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Seven Sisters

An aerial view of Moscow, with one of Stalin’s “seven sisters” (skyscrapers) in the center.
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Spring in St.Petersburg

A rare sunny day in St.Petersburg
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Traditional Russian costume

I love this picture of a toddler in Russian traditional costume. She’s so cute and so serious!

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Black Sea at Night

Black Sea at night, a painting by Ivan Aivazovsky (1879). I think it could make a great cover image for my thriller/mystery set in the Black Sea. I’m about half way through writing it. A great mood in this painting. Aivazonvsky was a master of moods.

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Easy soup recipes

Soup seemed to be a staple of our diet when I was growing up, and I still love eating soup. I put some of my favorite (easy!) recipes together in a book, and the e-book is free for the next couple of days. If you download it and try the some of the recipes, let me know which ones you liked. I hope you enjoy it!
Download Russian soup recipes here

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Russian spring

Spring in the Russian countryside.
spring russia.jpg
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Russian landscapes

Early spring as seen by Alexei Savrasov, a 19th century Russian landscape painter. His style is called lyrical.

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